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Give Sac State Day April 19-20

This is your day, Hornets!

Give Sac State Day is your day to collectively mobilize with others from across the region to celebrate the unwavering spirit of Sac State and to impact the lives of students. Every contribution you make is an opportunity for them to succeed.

Give via the link to the right (desktop) or below (mobile).

What is Sac State known for? Community-inspired student leadership

Behind the students at Sacramento State is a community eager to witness their success. For Chi Meng Vang, a Criminal Justice student, his first experience finding inspiration was in the Thai refugee camp where he was born.

Professional photo of Chi Meng Vang

Put your name on the future of creative excellence

Now is the time to support the College of Arts & Letters at Sacramento State. Soon, we will open the doors to a new art building centered on providing students with a safe and modern space for equitable arts education. Naming opportunities are available.

Rendering of the new art building

A groundbreaking partnership

A groundbreaking partnership between Sacramento State, Sierra College, Placer County and local developers has taken the first step toward providing greater access to higher education in the region.

A rendering of the Sacramento State Placer Center

Philanthropy Across Campus

Donor impact is seen and felt across campus. Come and take a walk with us to see how you can leave your mark at Sacramento State.